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OLED : Basic Tutorial

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

In this tutorial, we are going to see, what the OLED releted blocks available in Nirmiti blocks

To see available blocks for OLED go to 'Screen' catagory in toolbox as shown in following image

screen catagory



1. Print on screen

Using this block we can print text on screen. We can specify font, font size, column and row.

Output on OLED screen
Download TXT • 1KB


2. Print on screen + clear display + invert color

Output on OLED screen
Download TXT • 4KB


3. Print on screen + roll right + roll left + stop rolling

Output on OLED screen
Download TXT • 2KB


4. Print on screen + scroll diagonal right + scroll diagonal left + stop rolling

Output on OLED screen
Download TXT • 2KB

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