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BO Motor and Servo Motor

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to use BO Motor and servo block. Remember, external supply through Power jack or screw terminal is require for BO motor. BO motor is not powered using USB port.

What is a BO motor?

BO motor is a DC geared motor. Can be used for rotating wheels in a robot.

What is a servo motor?

Servo motor is also a motor whose angle can be set precisely.

Blocks we are going to use

In the Motor category, we get blocks related to BO motor and servo motor

  1. BO motor control

In the above block, we need to select motor 1 or 2, then we need to select the direction of rotation that that is, clockwise or anticlockwise. Then we need to select the percentage speed of rotation.

2. Servo motor

In the above block, we need to select the angle that we need to set on for the servo motor.



Output on board

Download TXT • 3KB

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